Maintaining the compressor and nebulizer kits you use to receive your nebulizer treatments is vital to keep receiving the most effective treatments possible. These compressors are not difficult to maintain, and the benefits far outweigh the time/effort spent to keep your nebulizer machine running in top condition.

How to Maintain Your Nebulizer Machine:

  • Never remove compressor's outer casing due to risk of electric shock
  • Read the compressor's instructions – a cleaning procedure is always given and must be followed
  • Change the air filter! – old, dirty filters hinder your compressor, eventually causing it to breakdown
  • Wipe down compressor's casing with a damp cloth to keep it free of dust and other asthma triggers
  • Never spray fluids onto the compressor, as this may damage the internal components
  • Cover the compressor to prevent contaminants from settling on it when not in use

Not only is it important to care for your nebulizer compressor, but you must also care for the actual nebulizer – the place where the medication turns into a mist. Without proper cleaning, bacteria will grow on the nebulizer, posing a risk for infection during your next treatment. Don't worry, cleaning the nebulizer isn't hard.

How to Maintain Your Nebulizer:

  • Clean your nebulizer and parts after every use (except for tubing)
  • If there's moisture in the tubing, run the compressor without the nebulizer to dry it out
  • Check manual for cleaning instructions – typically, reusable nebulizers are dishwasher safe but disposable must be cleaned in white vinegar/distilled water solution
  • Replace parts when necessary – 2 weeks for disposable nebulizer and 6 months for a reusable nebulizer
  • Replace tubing when you replace your nebulizer
  • Masks and mouthpieces must also be replaced
  • If any part seems damaged, don't use it – just replace to avoid bacterial contamination

By following these simple procedures you not only will keep your compressor and nebulizer set running as long as possible, but you'll also keep your parts free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants.