Introducing the InnoSpire Nebulizers

April 25, 2013 1 min read

This month Philips Respironics released two new nebulizers—the InnoSpire Essence and InnoSpire Elegance. InnoSpire NebulizerThe two models are very similar. Both share a sleek, lightweight design weighing only 3.3 pounds. Both come with a 5-year warranty on the compressor. And both include a disposable and a reusable nebulizer set.

So what’s the difference? The InnoSpire Elegance, which costs a few dollars more, works with SideStream Plus nebulizer sets. SideStream Plus neb sets have an inspiratory valve that opens when you breathe in  and closes when you breathe out, preventing medication waste. That way you know you’re getting the dose you need.

Both InnoSpire nebulizers are perfect for those with arthritic or weak hands. The top-down tubing system makes them easy to set up, and the docking station stabilizes the nebulizer cup so users can pour their medication with both hands.

Philips Respironics is set to come out with a third InnoSpire nebulizer later this year—the InnoSpire Deluxe.