How to Give Your Baby a Nebulizer Treatment

December 25, 2012 2 min read

Parents often have trouble giving their babies nebulizer treatments. Infants may be scared and bat the nebulizer away or start crying. Though there’s no foolproof solution for getting your infant to cooperate, there are some things you can do to help.

  1. Be Calm and Confident

Babies can sense if you’re nervous, and that makes them nervous. Giving the nebulizer treatment with a calm attitude will help keep them calm. They’ll know that whatever this crazy alien machine you’re attaching to their face is, it must be okay because you’re okay with it.

  2. Distract Your Kid

Some parents don’t want their kids to watch television before age 3. But if you’re having a hard time getting your child to cooperate with nebulizer treatments, this may be the time to make an exception. Books, games and toys can also serve as effective distractions.

  3. Use the Mask

Many pediatric nebulizers come with a small mask for children or infants. If your baby isn’t comfortable with the mask being strapped to their face, try holding it to their mouth instead. The masks ensure your child gets all the medication. Medquip also offers a nebulizer pacifier attachment if your baby is more comfortable with that. 

  4. Don’t Do “Blow By” Treatments

Some parents whose children resist nebulizer treatments simply blow the mist Penguin Nebulizertoward their baby’s face. Though the baby may cooperate, this is an ineffective treatment method. Your child will get much less of the medication.

  5. Use a Kid-Friendly Nebulizer

Babies may be frightened by the loud noise a compressor nebulizer, or jet nebulizer, makes. If this is the case, try an ultrasonic nebulizer. If noise isn’t the issue or if you have an older child, try using an animal nebulizer which feature friendly animal designs.