Controlling fall asthma symptoms

September 24, 2009 2 min read

Controlling fall asthma symptoms

For many asthma sufferers, the fall can be one of the toughest times of the years to control their symptoms.  Fall brings a host of potential triggers, but many are manageable or even preventable.

For many children, the fall brings the new school year which can mean dusty books, new classroom pets, and chalk dust.  Be sure your child’s teacher is aware of these triggers and works to combat them by vigilant cleaning and proper seat placement.  Be sure your child is seated as far as possible from potential triggers like animal cages or chalk boards.  Also, be sure your child and his teacher is prepared for an attack with up-to-date medication and the proper equipment to dispense the medication.  An extra nebulizer or holding chamber for school will help you and your child feel prepared and in control if symptoms suddenly arise. 

Other potential triggers are pollen and mold.  These are prevalent in the fall as leaves fall and weeds wither.  If you suffer from fall allergies, avoid fallen leaves as these often harbor mold and can onset an attack.  If you must be outside around fallen leaves, a respirator mask can decrease your exposure.  It is also important to protect your bedding from these and other allergens.  Zippered encasements for the mattress, box springs, and pillows will protect you from common allergens like dust mites, mold, and pet dander. 

Finally, fall often brings on a host of viral illnesses (such as colds or the flu).  While these illnesses are Waterproof Allergy Relief Mattress Encasementunpleasant for everyone, for asthma suffers, they can become extremely dangerous.  It is important to protect yourself with vaccines such as the flu shot.  Also, asthma suffers should be vigilant about washing and/or sanitizing their hands to prevent the spread of viruses.  Carrying products like Purell hand sanitizer ensure that you can sanitize your hands anywhere.  Disinfecting common surfaces such as doorknobs and handles is also important in combating the spread of colds or the flu.  Lysol disinfecting spray is 99.9% effective in killing illness causing bacteria and viruses.  If you must be around someone you know is sick, wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of airborne diseases.