5 Tips for Dealing with Fall Allergies

November 21, 2014 1 min read

It’s fall allergy season, and people all across the country are sniffing and sneezing. This is especially true in the area from the south Midwest to the Southeast, which is affectionately known as the “Pollen Belt” because it has the highest pollen counts in the country.

But fear not, allergy sufferers! Here’s how you can reduce your allergy symptoms and enjoy a happier, healthier fall.

  1. Take Your Medicine Before Your Allergies Start

    There’s no sense in waiting to be miserable before you take your allergy medication. Fight your allergies preemptively and take your medication before doing an activity that you know will set off your allergies, such as going outside.

  2. Use a HEPA Filter in Your Bedroom

    Using a HEPA filter in your bedroom, will remove pollen from the air you breathe all night. That way you’ll get better sleep and wake up without being stuffy and groggy.

  3. Shower Before Bed

    During the day, you collect pollen on your skin and hair. Showering before bed helps you remove all that pollen and avoid tracking it onto your bedding. Plus, warm shower water can help clear sinuses.

  4. Wash Your Pets

    You know who else collects pollen on their hair? Your pets. Washing your pets can greatly reduce the amount of pollen that gets tracked into your home, especially if your pets go outdoors frequently.

  5. Clean Your Bedding, Curtains, and Carpets

    Over time, your bedding, curtains and carpets collect tons of pollen. Giving them a good cleaning will reduce the pollen count in your home and help you breathe easier.