Last week we wrote about 5 uncommon asthma triggers. Turns out, there are several more worth knowing about. For example--

    1. 1. Flour

      Who would have guessed that one of our most common foods is also an asthma trigger? Bakers, that’s who. Flour dust irritating the lungs is a common occupational hazard for bakers. In fact, many professional bakers develop asthma as a result.

    2. 2. Dried Fruit

      Dried fruit can be a delicious and healthy snack, as long as it doesn’t set off your allergies or asthma. The issue with dried fruit is the sulfites they contain. These sulfites do three things-- keep the dried fruit fresh, keep the dried fruit bright, and emit sulfur dioxide, a gas that can irritate one’s lungs and trigger an asthma attack.

    3. 3. Stinkbugs

      Just like the ladybugs we discussed last week, stinkbugs make for an irritating allergen when they get inside one’s home and die. Even worse, dead stinkbugs attract mice, another surprising asthma trigger.

    4. 4. Fireworks

      Home fireworks such as sparklers and roman candles release sulfur dioxide, the same airway irritating gas that makes dried fruit potentially dangerous. And large-scale fireworks release barium aerosols, also an asthma trigger. So whether you’re just setting off fireworks with your family, or going to the local fireworks display, it’s a good idea to have your inhaler or nebulizer on hand.

    5. 5. Plastic

      Fortunately, not all plastics are dangerous, just the ones containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unfortunately, these are found in common household items such as shower curtains, some flooring, imitation leather and even toys. They give off phthalates, too much of which can increase asthma symptoms, wheezing and coughing.