SmartDose® Liquid Oxygen Conserver


LOX Capacity

The SmartDose® Liquid Oxygen Conserver is the only liquid portable oxygen system with the SmartDose® auto-adjusting technology built-in that better matches oxygen dosage to the patient's activity level. This drastically increases the efficiency of the conserver since it is able to detect breathing patterns and adjust the flow rate accordingly. For example, during periods of lower activity, the SmartDose® adjusts the dose down for better conservation. The SmartDose® Liquid Oxygen Conserver has uniform pulse dose increments of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 LPM (liters per minute), and has a continuous flow preset of 2 LPM.

This liquid oxygen conserver delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen in a compact, efficient design. Included in this package is a scale that is used to measure the amount of liquid oxygen remaining in the conserver. Also, this liquid oxygen conserver features an integrated bottom fill LOX coupler. This SmartDose® oxygen conserver can be powered using 2 AA batteries for about one year (for most patients). Choose between 2 different sized oxygen conservers: one with a .3 liter capacity and the other with a .6 liter capacity.