Respironics MicroElite Nebulizer System (with battery)

  • Compact and lightweight piston pump compressor – the smallest jet nebulizer!
  • Offers quick treatment times and ultra-compact size for on-the-go use
  • Can be used without tubes or wires, increasing its portability
  • Comes with a carrying case to keep everything together when you're on the go!

The MicroElite Nebulizer System from Philips welcomes you to the new world of portable, jet nebulizers! This unit uses proven jet nebulizer technology and combines it with an ultra-compact size and cordless/tubeless design to make one of the most effective portable nebulizer systems on the market. The MicroElite doesn't sacrifice quick treatment times for its small size as they can last as little as 8 minutes. At half the size of other common portables, the MicroElite is easy to use and transport as it fits in the palm of your hand. The included carrying case keeps all the components together, allowing you to take your miniature compressor and its accessories with you when on the go. The MicroElite makes tubing a thing of the past when you use the MicroPlus nebulizer set that can attach directly to the compressor. If you prefer to use tubing, however, the option is still available to you. The included car adapter and the optional rechargeable lithium polymer battery increase this system’s usability. This, plus the MicroElite's small size and its quick treatment times, gives you the freedom of portability.

This portable nebulizer system requires that you regularly replace its air filter to keep it running in top condition, so consider adding a pack of 4 to your order to keep it operating smoothly for months!

What's in the box: compressor, reusable nebulizer (6 ml capacity), 4 filters, home and car powering adapters, carrying case, and an optional rechargeable battery.

WARRANTY 3 year warranty
PACKAGE With Battery