Respironics MicroElite Nebulizer System (with battery)

  • Compact and lightweight piston pump compressor – the smallest jet nebulizer!
  • Offers quick treatment times and ultra-compact size for on-the-go use
  • Can be used without tubes or wires, increasing its portability
  • Comes with a carrying case to keep everything together when you're on the go!

The MicroElite Nebulizer System from Philips welcomes you to the new world of portable, jet nebulizers! This unit uses proven jet nebulizer technology and combines it with an ultra-compact size and cordless/tubeless design to make one of the most effective portable nebulizer systems on the market. The MicroElite doesn't sacrifice quick treatment times for its small size as they can last as little as 8 minutes. At half the size of other common portables, the MicroElite is easy to use and transport as it fits in the palm of your hand. The included carrying case keeps all the components together, allowing you to take your miniature compressor and its accessories with you when on the go. The MicroElite makes tubing a thing of the past when you use the MicroPlus nebulizer set that can attach directly to the compressor. If you prefer to use tubing, however, the option is still available to you. The included car adapter and the optional rechargeable lithium polymer battery increase this system’s usability. This, plus the MicroElite's small size and its quick treatment times, gives you the freedom of portability.

This portable nebulizer system requires that you regularly replace its air filter to keep it running in top condition, so consider adding a pack of 4 to your order to keep it operating smoothly for months!

What's in the box: compressor, reusable nebulizer (6 ml capacity), 4 filters, home and car powering adapters, carrying case, and an optional rechargeable battery.

WARRANTY 3 year warranty
PACKAGE With Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

I got this for my son for when we are in the car / soccer field/ etc. The design is great but this product can not be trusted. We used it home before taking it on a trip. Our original nebulizer is the old school respironics model, we still use it and it is easy to see the medicine steam coming out of it . This micro elite model we couldn't see the steam until we adjusted it and held it together with lots of pressure where the tubing connects. With tubing and holding it together it barely showed any medicine coming out. Without the tubing but connecting the cup directly it was better but we ran it for 20 min and 30 min and the medicine never seemed to go down! So this item is bsfically a paperweight as we can not trust it to actually deliver medicine.

Love the Machine BUT...

As a single mom, my daughter and I are often on the run. If she needs a breathing treatment in the morning, I can give it to her in the car on the way to school. Also, she dances, has gymnastics and plays sports so sometimes she will need a breathing treatment before she participates in an activity. It's small and compact. Yes, I would recommend (it works well)the product but be mindful of the service.

Great product

Quick, efficient & relatively quiet. I did not use the tube to dispense medication, I used the hand held method & am very happy with how the product performed.

Not worth it

The first Phillips respironics lasted less than a year. The unit is loud and sometimes runs hot. I followed the suppliers instructions to the letter. I even carry it in a padded tote bag, changing the accessories as required. The second one quit in less than eight months. I don't recommend this brand.

Great Product

I have COPD, and sudden changes in temperature or humidity (sometimes physical exertion) causes "asthma like" attacks, and using nebulizer in conjunction with "rescue inhaler", relieves symptoms almost immediatly. I have a full size unit always ready at home, and carry this with me everytime I leave the house. Can be used anytime, anywhere, "no need for external power" (either house or vehicle), and very quiet.