HealthSmart® Cube Mate™ Humidifier

  • Ultrasonic output means this humidifier is virtually silent!
  • Compact size and removable power cord is perfect for travel
  • Automatically shuts off when water reaches minimum level
  • Refill indicator light keeps you informed

The HealthSmart® Cube Mate™ humidifier is a sleek, compact humidifier that is the perfect size for a nightstand or desk. The Cube Mate™ features an aroma function that enables you to add essential oils to add a fragrance to the mist. This ultrasonic humidifier has a nearly silent operation that won't disturb your sleep during the night. Operating this humidifier is simple - just turn the mist regulation knob on the front of the humidifier to your desired level. Also, this humidifier's compact size makes it great for travel as it will fit in most sized bags. Plus, the power cord is removable, further increasing its portability.

The Cube Mate™ humidifier has a minimum fill level, and when the water level drops below this threshold the Cube Mate™ will automatically shut-off - conserving you power and preventing damage to the humidifier. Plus, this humidifier has a filter-free design that keeps money in your pocket.