DreamStation Auto CPAP

  • Great for travel - Portable, lightweight and easy to use!
  • Integrated Bluetooth for DreamMapper
  • Mini SD card port for downloading data
  • Compatible with all masks
  • Direct user interface (No secondary device required to adjust settings)
  • Integrated USB port to charge mobile devices from CPAP
  • All Advanced detection for Encore Reports / Care Orchestrator available
  • Seamlessly Integrates into Encore, Care Orchestrator, and DreamMapper reports
  • 12 mm micro tubing
  • 15cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 5.8cm (H)
  • 4 to 20 cm H2O

The DreamStation Auto is a portable, lightweight and reliable machine with state of the art technology. There is built-in bluetooth, and even has a USB port to charge your mobile device! The built-in power supply reduces the number of parts and the color touchscreen offers a simple setup and easy navigation. It features mask type resistance control, mask fit check, oximetry capability, active humidification controlled by the room environment, an encore patient management system with optional adherence profiler and the Dream mapper self management system compatibility.

The benefits of the Auto CPAP include: EZ-Start's automatic, personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure, daily progress feedback which displays the length of sleep progress, and performance check which simplifies in-home device evaluation for remote troubleshooting.

What's in the box: DreamStation Auto CPAP, 80 Watt Power Supply and Cord, 6 foot tube, Carrying Case, SD Memory Card, Patient Manual, 2 year warranty, and CPAP Care Package.

Prescription required.

WARRANTY 2 years