DeVilbiss EasyFit SilkGel Full Face Replacement CPAP Cushion


The manufacturer has discontinued the Medium size mask.

CPAP Cushion Size

This is a replacement full face CPAP cushion for the EasyFit SilkGel full face DeVilbiss CPAP mask. This replacement CPAP cushion features DeVilbiss’s unique scallop-shaped design that provides more comfort and a better fit than other CPAP cushion designs. The scallop shape was developed after a 50,000 person study by DeVilbiss meant to uncover the most comfortable cushion shape. This replacement CPAP cushion is made of DeVilbiss’s own SilkGel material that is not only very comfortable, but also very easy to clean. Perspiration and facial oils won’t stick to the SilkGel material, which also helps this cushion last slightly longer than other types of CPAP cushions. While this CPAP cushion will last slightly longer than others, it is recommended that you replace it roughly every 6-7 months for best performance.