Aclaim® 2 Nasal Mask for CPAP and Bi-Level Ventilation

  • Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask with minimalist design
  • Foam and silicone cushion for soft comfort
  • Great for active sleepers: glider mechanism on headgear eliminates side-to-side leakage
  • Locking T-style forehead pad decreases uncomfortable forehead pressure
  • Diffuser makes exhaled air very quiet
  • Breathable, lightweight headgear stays cool during use

This Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask has a minimalist design for improved comfort over other bulkier masks. This CPAP mask’s unique glider mechanism is a great feature that helps to eliminate leaks. The glider mechanism does this by allowing the headgear to move freely while the mask cushion stays in place. This is great for active sleepers because the mask cushion will stay in place even if the headgear slides some during sleep. The cushion itself is made of soft foam and silicone to give you excellent comfort. This mask uses a T-style forehead pad that reduces uncomfortable forehead pressure. Also, the forehead pad can lock into position to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose. The exhalation port on this mask has a diffuser that removes draft and makes the exhaled air nearly silent as it’s released. The headgear material is lightweight and breathable, which keeps it cool while in use.