Innospire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer


Innospire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer is currently on backorder with the manufacturer. It is expected to ship on/around Mon, Oct 31, 22.
The Details
  • HANDHELD & EASY TO USE - This portable nebulizer is small, fast, and easy to take anywhere. Just start the therapy with a simple push of a button and the device will turn itself off when it’s done. You won’t find a more convenient nebulizer than the Innospire Go! 

  • REDUCES TREATMENT TIMES BY UP TO 25% - The Innospire Go uses vibrating mesh technology to provide ultra fast treatments compared to most nebulizers. Average treatment time is only 4 minutes.

  • VIRTUALLY SILENT - You won’t hear much from this travel nebulizer. But don’t worry; it provides audible and visual cues to let you know when the therapy is complete!

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY provides up to 30 treatments per charge.

  • OPTIMUM PARTICLE SIZE FOR YOUR LUNGS - Vibrating mesh technology delivers aerosol perfectly targeted to your lungs, ensuring you get all your medication. It can hold up to 8 mL.

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What's in the Box
  • Handset
  • Mouthpiece
  • AC power adapter

  • LiteTouch medium mask (age 2 - 5 years)
  • Mask adapter

  • Carry case
Attribute Details
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Size: 2.76" x 1.77" x 5.31"
WARRANTY Handset warranty: 2 years; Mouthpiece warranty: 1 year
METHOD OF NEBULIZATION Vibrating Mesh Technology
POWER SUPPLY Rechargable lithium ion battery
PRODUCT WEIGHT Weight: 0.24 lb

Additional Info
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Introducing the new Innospire Go. Designed to make treatment times easy and fast, this handheld unit gives you more time for life. The sleek, simple design is easy to use and easy to understand. Start the therapy with a push of a button. Both audible and visual queues signal when therapy is complete. The device turns itself off when done.

The Innospire Go was designed with your convenience in mind. You can take it anywhere. The battery is charged just like a portable phone and lasts for up to 30 treatments per charge. The vibrating mesh nebulizer therapy device turns liquid medication into a fine mist which can reduce your treatment time by 25% compared to other devices like it’s predecessor the Aeroneb Go. Most medication will take just 4 minutes to complete. In addition, the machine is virtually silent when on.

The easily detachable mouthpiece makes cleaning the Innospire Go simple. After each use, simply pour away the residual medication and rinse the mouthpiece thoroughly under running tap water. Daily cleaning is recommended by soaking the mouthpiece in soapy water for 2 minutes and weekly cleanings are recommended by boiling the mouthpiece for 10 minutes.

This unit needs no tubes or neb sets, but you may need parts or accessories!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Virginia S.
2 years ago

I love my nuebulizer that I got 2 years ago.

James A.S.(.
Good equipment

The Philips nebulizer works well. Many 4-minute treatments are provided per charge. Manual claims the lithium battery provides forty 4-minute treatments per charge.


I am glad that I made the decision to purchase the Innospire Nebulizer. It is just as quiet as the FLYP, but the cleaning process is very easy to do.

Beth L.
So far excellent.

Very pleased with ease of operation and size. It is silent and fast. Just hoping it is durable and lasts.

Manuel S.
Best Nebulizer Ever

I average 8 treatments a day due to severe, unstable atypical asthma. I have used many types of nebulizers thru the years. This is the best one. Great output, quiet and portable.
To address some reviews about medication leakage- it’s isn’t the medication leaking but a build up of mist in the nebulizer ports from taking a treatment so just lean the nebulizer port side from time to time to get rid of mist build up. The only negative I have is that it only seems to last a year for me (but I am using it a lot).