Penguin Pediatric Nebulizer with Disposable Neb Kit without a Bag

  • Case not included
  • Colorful black and white penguin shaped piston pump compressor with a child-friendly design
  • Interactive, fun respiratory therapy for children
  • Easy to use with concealed filter cap and air outlet that enhance your child's imagination by maintaining the cute penguin shape
  • Optional methods of aerosol delivery: both child mask and angled mouthpiece let you choose which is most comfortable. Pacifier interface available here.

The Airial™ Pediatric Penguin shaped nebulizer system is a quiet, easy-to-use unit with a child friendly design. Kids will love the colorful, cute black and white "penguin" compressor. The carrying handle on the backside helps you move the penguin compressor with ease and also features a nebulizer holding post on the penguin's backside. This compressor hides both the filter cap and air outlet in the penguin's tie and belly button to helps maintain the child-friendly theme. This will have your child thinking about the cuddly penguin instead of the nebulizer treatment.

This compressor requires you to regularly replace the air filter to maintain its top performance, so consider adding a pack of 10 to your order to keep this unit running smoothly for months!

Need parts or accessories? Click here for a list of parts and accessories for this nebulizer!

What's in the box: compressor, reusable nebulizer (13 ml capacity), angled mouthpiece, pediatric mask, 7' of tubing.

WARRANTY 5 year limited warranty (accessories not included)