Disposable Sidestream Nebulizer


The Sidestream Disposable Nebulizer offers fast, efficient and economical drug delivery. Its Sidestream design delivers nebulizer treatments in faster times due to the 5 jet holes that speed up the medication's nebulization rate. It provides consistent drug delivery time after time and can be used with all commonly prescribed respiratory medications. This product is disposable, meaning it can be used for two weeks before replacement is required.

What's in the box: disposable nebulizer (10 ml capacity), angled mouthpiece, 7' of tubing

Please see our blog post about the difference between reusable and disposable nebuilzer sets.

Customer Reviews

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John S.
A step up!

I have used nebulizers for 60 years. All are just compressors. The delivery system improvement are the biggest developments, with filters, particle foggers which deliver products into the lungs with even mix of content. My change on the nebulizer would be the placement of the on/off switch to a location on top for easier use, as a side switch will move the device. Nebulizers have saved my life and at 86 and many years of upper respiratory problems Nebs have been the difference

Nancy L.
Disposable Nebulizer

Good quality and quick delivery.

Tim P.
Good nebulizer

I have been buying these nebulizer kits for my wife for a few years now. It is the only style that she likes and they get the job done.

Philip A.

they work great!

Fred W.
Disposable Sidestream accessories

Perfect....just what I was looking for.