ResMed Mirage Activa Nasal CPAP Mask

CPAP Cushion Size
  • Mirage Activa nasal CPAP mask from ResMed
  • ActiveCell inflatable cushion technology keeps seal in place even for the most active of sleepers
  • ActiveCell cushion compensates for movement in all directions
  • Adjustable forehead support lets you find your best forehead pad position
  • Cushion clip makes cleaning the mask and cushion very easy
  • Choose between 3 different cushion sizes: standard, large, shallow

The Mirage Activa nasal CPAP mask is an excellent choice if you are an active sleeper that struggles to find a mask that can maintain a seal throughout the night. The Mirage Activa is able to maintain its seal, even for active sleepers, by using ActiveCell technology. ActiveCell technology allows for more active sleep because it utilizes an inflatable chamber that compensates for all movement in any direction. The Mirage Activa also features the Mirage dual-wall cushion that has an inner comfort cushion and an outer support cushion. Together the cushions create a seal that stays in place. For more comfort, the Mirage Activa features flexible forehead pads designed to evenly distribute forehead pressure and conform to the contour of your forehead’s shape. The forehead pad is also easy to adjust using the 4 predetermined positions along the nasal bridge to give you the best fit and seal possible. The CPAP tubing connector features 360° rotation to greatly reduce CPAP hose tension, and to make it easy to remove the CPAP tubing when necessary.

The Mirage Activa attaches to the headgear using 4 clips, 2 at the base of the mask and 2 at the forehead pad. The clips at the base of the mask are quick-release clips that let you remove the mask without resetting the headgear – so your fit adjustments are retained from night to night. The Mirage Activa also features a cushion clip that makes it simple to remove the cushion from the mask for easy cleaning.

Choose between 3 different cushion sizes: standard, large, or shallow.

MANUFACTURER ITEM CODE 60100, 60101, 60102
CPAP CUSHION TYPE ActiveCell Inflatable Nasal Cushion
SIZING GUIDE ResMed_mirage-activa_Brochure