Travel Nebulizer Machines

A travel nebulizer provides a convenient way to receive your treatments whether you're visiting a nearby state or another county. Most travel nebulizer machines use a special battery designed to fit that specific model. The Omron MicroAir nebulizer, however, is a very small, portable unit that operates on two AA batteries - making this Omron ultrasonic nebulizer very attractive because replacing the batteries is simple. Some of the following travel nebulizer machines include a rechargeable battery with the basic model, while some require you to choose the option that includes the battery.

Omron Micro-Air Electronic Nebulizer System NE-U22V1 - Basic System

Regular Price: $259.95 Special Price: $169.00


  • World's smallest nebulizer
  • Tubeless and cordless operation provide unmatched portability
  • Delivers undiluted medication for shorter treatment times
  • Totally silent
  • Weighs only 6 oz with AA batteries
  • Comes with small carrying case
  • $20 Rebate
  • Ships Free!

PARI TREK S Compact Compressor Combination Pack

Regular Price: $89.00 Special Price: $73.00


  • Small & Lightweight
  • Great for international travel with its multi-voltage power adapter!
  • Includes DC auto adapter
  • Optional rechargeable battery
  • Enjoy shorter treatments! - average only 5 minutes
  • Comes with 2 LC Sprint reusable nebulizers, carrying case and instructional DVD

Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801

Regular Price: $37.95


  • World's smallest, lightest tabletop nebulizer
  • Weighs less than 10 oz
  • Easily fits in a suitcase
  • Runs quietly - comparable to a refrigerator
  • Nebulizes particles as fine as 5 um MMD for optimum absorption

MABIS NebPak Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Regular Price: $129.99


  • Quiet, ultrasonic nebulizer
  • Weighs less than 8 oz
  • Treatment times under 6 minutes
  • Includes stylish camo carrying case (with 3 pockets) for easy transport
  • DC auto adapter
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Available in Green or Pink
  • Ships Free!
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