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  • Health-Ox Oximeter
  • G0-2 Achieve Oximeter
  • 9560 Onyx II Oximeter


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  1. Health-Ox Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Health-Ox Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



    • Provides you with blood oxygen saturation level and heart rate values
    • Operation is simple and efficient
    • Bright and large digital LED one-way display
    • Two AAA batteries offer 30 hours of continuous use
  2. GO-2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    GO-2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



    • Accurately monitors oxygen saturation
    • Operates with only one AAA battery (included) - approximately 2,400 spot checks per battery!!
    • Drop tested durability and water resistant - this is built to last!
    • Complete package includes oximeter, 1 AAA battery, and instructions.
    • Unparalleled customer support from USA based manufacturer
  3. FingerSAT Sport Oximeter

    FingerSAT Sport Oximeter

    • Designed for active individuals
    • Backlit LED for easy viewing
    • One-touch display
    • Automatic shut-off feature
    • Includes lanyard and one AAA
  4. Standard Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

    Standard Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

    • Rugged rubber skin
    • Bright LCD display
    • Pulse rate range: 30bpm to 235bpm
    • Sp02 range: 0% to
  5. HealthSmart® Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    HealthSmart® Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



    • Efficient way to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate
    • Fits children and adults
    • Includes case, lanyard and 2 AAA batteries
    • 1-button operation
    • Small and lightweight design with built-in digital LCD
  6. DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter

    DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter



    • Provides fast and accurate SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements
    • Large LED color display is easy-to-see day or night
    • Multi-directional display lets you see your reading from nearly any angle
    • Simple one button operation
  7. Digit-Ox2 Pulse Oximeter

    Digit-Ox2 Pulse Oximeter

    • Provides you with fast, accurate blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate values
    • Large LED display with Sp02 waveform
    • Selectable display direction and adjustable 10 level luminance for easy reading from any angle
    • Operates with 2 AAA batteries (included)
  8. 9560 Onyx II Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth

    9560 Onyx II Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth



    • Provides you with quick, accurate measurements of your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate values
    • The Latest Upgrade to Nonin's trusted and widely used Onyx fingertip pulse oximeter!
    • Allows you to send oximeter readings wirelessly to your healthcare providers using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    • No more trips to the doctor for spot check measurements!
  9. Nonin 2500 PalmSAT

    Nonin 2500 PalmSAT

    • Provides you with fast reliable blood oxygen level and heart rate values
    • Stores analysis data for 72 hours for you to upload to your computer (Optional Data Transfer Device Required)
    • Simple two-button operation with large, easy to read LED display
    • Can be operated using 4 AA batteries (included) or the optional rechargeable battery
    • Comes in alarm and non-alarm versions with 60 and 100 hours of battery life respectively
  10. Retractable Clip Holder

    Retractable Clip Holder

    • Allows ease of portability and safe storage for GO-2 pulse oximeters
    • Can be clipped to just about any piece of clothing
    • Includes retractable string to use with added convenience

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A fingertip pulse oximeter is an essential part of anyone's nebulizer supplies. Pulse oximeters and nebulizers go hand in hand because an oximeter allows you to check your blood oxygen level (which shows how well your lungs are functioning) whenever you want! This is especially helpful for people with asthma, as low blood oxygen levels often signify an increased susceptibility to an asthma attack. This simple device can show you when you need to take better care to avoid asthma triggers and/or places where an increased amount of asthma triggers (e.g. pet dander at a friend’s house) exist. Read More

The Drive Medical Health-Ox is easy to use and gives you an accurate and quick reading of your blood oxygen and heart rate values. More advanced pulse oximeters, like the Nonin 2500 PalmSAT, allow you to view your vitals on a computer and share it with others. This increased information can be a valuable asset when working with your doctor to draft the best asthma action plan possible.

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