The PARI TREK S is one of our most highly rated nebulizers. This PARI nebulizer system uses piston pump compression to deliver effective nebulizer treatments in short timespans.

Advantages of the PARI TREK S with LC Sprint Nebulizer:

  • Average treatment time is only 5 minutes with the LC Sprint nebulizer
  • PARI nebulizers uses breath-enhanced technology to speed up nebulization rate and waste less medication
  • Take a nebulizer treatment nearly anywhere! – TREK S can use rechargeable batteries, home or car powering
  • Perfect for overseas travelers – operable on voltages found outside the U.S.

But What is Breath-Enhanced Technology?

  • Used only by PARI nebulizers
  • Uses your breath to speed up the nebulization rate of the medication as you inhale
  • This creates a denser mist of nebulized medication that finishes the medication cup quicker
  • As you exhale, that rate slows down to conserve medication

A versatile nebulizer system like this one has options for masks fitting both children and adults. This gives you and your child options on how you want to administer your nebulizer treatments, letting you choose the most comfortable method.

Comfort also comes in the form of quietness. This compressor features a more quiet operation than other compressor nebulizers, which shouldn't disturb you or others during nebulizer treatments. Many of our customers attest to its quiet operation, just see for yourself .