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Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801


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remember to replace your nebulizer set every 6 months and your filter every 30 days
  • Fits easily on any surface 3.5 times smaller and 75% lighter than most other compressor nebulizers
  • Nebulizes .30 mL per minute
  • CompAir is easy and fast to set up and use
  • CompAir produces a fine mist
  • Runs quietly - comparable to a refrigerator
  • This new model replaces Omron NE-C25

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Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801

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  • Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801

    Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801

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  • Air Filters For Omron CompAir Nebulizer Systems (5 per pack)

    Air Filters For Omron CompAir Nebulizer Systems (5 per pack)

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  • Pediatric Mask for ALL Omron Nebulizers

    Pediatric Mask for ALL Omron Nebulizers

Price for selected items: $49.90

CompAir is the smallest, lightest, most convenient tabletop nebulizer - ever. Weighing less than 10 oz., the CompAir NE-C801 compressor is extremely portable, giving you the ability to manage and treat yourself at your convenience, wherever you may be. When therapy is finished, CompAir is small enough to be tucked away in a cabinet or drawer.

Despite its size, Omron’s advanced design and engineering allows the CompAir to administer medication as effectively as table top models three times its size. Because of Omron’s exclusive Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.), the CompAir is smaller and lighter than most tabletop nebulizers. The Virtual Valve Technology allows the nebulizer to produce particles as fine as 5 um MMD, assuring optimum absorption even in the narrow branches of the lower airways for effective inhalation of medication.

Like all tabletop compressors, this Omron product requires that you regularly replace the air filter – so add a pack of 5 filters specifically designed for this compressor to your order to ensure your unit will run at peak performance for months!

What's in the box: compressor, reusable nebulizer kit (7 ml capacity), 3' of tubing, mouthpiece, 5 replacement filters, AC adapter, carrying case, and a multi-lingual instruction manual.

Need parts or accessories? Click here for a list of parts and accessories for this nebulizer!

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CompAir is the smallest, lightest, most convenient tabletop nebulizer - ever. Weighing less than 10 oz., the CompAir NE-C801 compressor is extremely portable, giving you the ability to manage and treat yourself at your convenience, wherever you may be. Wh
Name Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801
Weight (Shipping) 2.0000
Prescription Required
Warranty Three-year limited warranty
Manufacturer Omron
Manufacturer Item Code NE-C801
Method of Nebulization Piston Compressor
Color White
Intended Use All Ages
Product Dimensions 5 5/8" × 2 7/8" × 3 7/8"
Power Supply AC
Product Weight 10 oz.
Particle Size ~3 Microns
Three-year limited warranty
  • Average rating 4.4
  • based on 76 reviews
  • 5 stars, Easy to use
    By Carol from Springtown, TX on 2014-04-09
    So far, no disadvantages. Easy to use; easy to clean.

  • 5 stars, Perfect Product
    By Madala from Morrisville, NC on 2014-04-04
    Easy to use

  • 4 stars, It does the work
    By Melzarith from Fl on 2014-03-13
    Pros: Is portable
    Cons: Is Not That Quiter
    Best Uses: Use It For A 1 Year Old
    I used it for my 1 year old son without mask while he sleeps

  • 1 stars, MistS in front & in back-NOT EFFICICIENT
    By Dissatisfied from Portland, OR on 2014-01-31
    Pros: None
    Cons: Hardly Anything Comes Out
    Best Uses: Sorry
    There is no power in it, the mist is so light it is not worth a penny and the mist comes out the front as well as the back instead of concentrated on one end and strong so it can easily get sucked in the lungs. Pathetic, and they won't take it back!!

  • 5 stars, satisfied user
    By neffweiser from Cleveland, Ohio on 2014-01-30
    Treatments take 10 minutes vs 20 minutes w previous nebulizer. More powerful. Very quiet. Light weight and small. much easier to store.

  • 5 stars, Great for its price!!!!!!!!!
    By bc from Miami, Florida on 2014-01-27
    I use it at hone with my little son, really good and gets the work done.

  • 5 stars, Easy to use
    By JackB from Boston, MA on 2013-12-24
    Pros: Compact Size, Quite, Ease of Use
    Simple to use and space saving.

  • 5 stars, Good product
    By Elaine from Moab, Utah on 2013-12-10
    Good product. Easy to use.

  • 5 stars, Very happy with my nebulizer
    By Janet from Grays Harber, Washington on 2013-11-30
    Pros: It Is Small So It Travels
    I bought my nebulizer last June and it is still working great for me in Nov. 2013. It is so much quieter than my old nebulizer. I use it every day and am very happy I got this. My lungs have been much clearer since using this one every day.

  • 4 stars, Works well
    By PHyl from Palm Harbor,Fl on 2013-11-26
    Cons: none
    Best Uses: Serves my purpose
    I use for inhalation therapy of duo Neb three times a day

  • 5 stars, Small but Mighty!
    By Kimmi's travels from Topeka, Kansas on 2013-11-19
    Pros: Small and portable
    Cons: non yet
    Best Uses: Travel Or At Home
    So happy to have a portable nebulizer that is so easy to take with you. Travel, Camping, Sports, just gives you so much freedom. Thank you!

  • 4 stars, great for a home product
    By none from ohio on 2013-11-08
    Pros: Great for home
    product is used @ least 3x a day small easy to use for someone older

  • 4 stars, "Very affordable"
    By jimW from Creedmoor,NC on 2013-10-29
    Pros: Great for home, Reliable, Low Cost
    Cons: Adequate Output
    Best Uses: Home use
    small size quiet adequate

  • 4 stars, NONE
    By Lesley from Rainier WA on 2013-10-28
    quiet and light. Nice looking. Easy TO USE

  • 5 stars, Great, small nebulizer
    By SkyeMom from south Florida on 2013-10-27
    Pros: Effectiveness, Size
    Best Uses: At home, Travelling
    This is the 1st new nebulizer I've purchased in over a decade. It is fabulous for all my needs. What I love best is its small size and portability.

  • 4 stars, Good Machine
    By Raven50 from Florida on 2013-10-08
    Pros: Light, Quiet
    Cons: none
    Best Uses: Respiratory Treatments
    So Far So Good

  • 4 stars, Quick and efficientPerfect for my husban
    By none from Orange, Ca on 2013-10-07
    Perfect for my husbands needs. Lightweight, low noise

  • 5 stars, Omron
    By Zaith from Hackensack, NJ on 2013-10-04
    portability, performence\

  • 1 stars, WOuld not puchase again
    By Bets tech from tampa fl on 2013-08-22
    We have a nebulizing box we use to nebulize small animals. WOuld not produce enough steam to fill container

  • 5 stars, works perfectly
    By renee from florida on 2013-08-06
    i use this to help clear my lungs of pathoens.

  • 5 stars, It's ideal!
    By TJ from Macksville,Ks on 2013-07-29
    Pros: Noise level, Small Dispenser, Dispenser Holder, Portability, Speed
    Just what I've been looking for...compact, easy to use, fast. What more can I say?

  • 5 stars, great product!
    By lucy the cat lady from cleveland, ohio on 2013-07-12
    Pros: Quieteasy To Use Afford
    Best Uses: I'm Using It For My Cat -
    i'm using this for my cat - it's an easy way to give him his respiratory medication.

  • 5 stars, Glad I bought it
    By Walt from DE on 2013-06-27
    Pros: Works Great, Good price
    Best Uses: Helps Congestion
    I have much congestion. Have been to Drs. several times a year for several years. Glad I bought a nebulizer. I use a silver solution in the nebulizer. It has helped me. It's not a cure, but it helps.

  • 4 stars, Very Happy with my Nebulizer
    By N/A from Washington State on 2013-06-20
    This nebulizer so far works well and is half as loud as my last one. So glad I got it.

  • 4 stars, very good
    By danders from RI on 2013-06-19
    Pros: Compact, Works Great
    Used as in emergencys that when inhaler is not enough.

  • 3 stars, good for the money
    By sarge from jefferson, ohio on 2013-06-11
    Pros: It works
    Cons: Loud
    Best Uses: COPD
    my wife orderd this for me it is loud, there claim that it is no louder than a refrigerator is way off track is my frige sounded like this i would buy a new one asap. but it does supplythe meds nicely.

  • 5 stars, Great Product!
    By Hhetrick from California on 2013-06-10
    Pros: Quiet, User friendly, Lightweight, Compact
    Best Uses: Treatments For Asthma
    Looking forward to using !

  • 5 stars, Easy to use,compact
    By Judy from Pittsburgh, Pa on 2013-06-07
    Pros: Good Value
    Easy to use, compact, good value for the money A little noisy

  • 5 stars, Truly portable.
    By Ron from West Monroe, LA on 2013-06-06
    The little rig is great to use for traveling and overnites stays. Would be easy to operate for a child. Would recommend.

  • 5 stars, Definitely Good Enough
    By Jpike48458 from Michigan on 2013-06-04
    I was skeptical that the machine would do what I needed for the low price. But it has done exactly what it is desinged to do so far and I can't see why anyone would pay as much as 5 times as much for another brand/model.

  • 5 stars, I love it!
    By Judy / St. Louis from St. Louis, MO on 2013-05-31
    I travel alot & it is so much easier to get around with it. The administration of my medication takes less time & it is not so noisy. In addition, the price was reasonable.

  • 4 stars, Not bad for the price got the job done
    By cosmo from Annapolis MD on 2013-05-29
    Pros: Easy to set up, Very Good For Travel, Very Light Weight, It Can Fit In My Purse
    Cons: A bit noisy
    Delivery came on time as promised Easy online ordering system Great Price

  • 5 stars, fantastic product!
    By Aubrey from Broken Arrow, OK on 2013-05-28
    Pros: Quiet Affordable Effect
    Fantastic product! Quiet and great for all ages

  • 1 stars, Broke after two months
    By Art from Grand Prairie, TX on 2013-05-23
    Pros: It Works Finewhen It Wks
    Cons: Not Enough Psi
    So, it worked fine when we first got it. I didn't like that is wasn't as powerful as my previous machine, but it worked okay. Not even two months and stopped working. there's no air pressure what so ever. I will not be sending it in for repairs. I'm not going to pay half of its worth for shipping and insurance.

  • 5 stars, Unit is great and does everything I want
    By Bob from Walker Basin, CA on 2013-05-21
    Pros: Very good
    Excellent sets at my bedside, use it everyday and bedtime.

  • 1 stars, A waste of money.
    By Huffinandpuffin from Nashua NH on 2013-05-14
    Mist kept coming out from the cap end not the mouthpiece. I called the 800 number and after giving me some redundant guidelines that I had already followed in the manual told me to send it back for repair. Knowing PO fees that'd cost an additional $15 which I was not going to be reimbursed for. I ended up placing plastic wrap over the cap area and recapping..I was then able to get some mist. If my refrigerator made as much noise as this neb I'd get a new fridge. So I'm not satisfied with the very min amt of mist, loud noise and fact I have to plastic wrap the cap area for what little mist does emit. Waste of money.

  • 4 stars, A Great Fine
    By Hard Worker from Fort Worth,TX. on 2013-05-14
    Pros: I like the small size
    Cons: Hose could be longer
    Best Uses: I Bought It To Use At Wor
    I bought this one because of size-and price. The hose could have been longer. But I had ordered other hoses. So I just changed it out. It was delivered with in 5 days, just like ya'll said. So over all I'm Pleased. Thank You

  • 4 stars, Very happy with this product.
    By Shorty from Iowa on 2013-05-14
    Pros: Powerful Enough For Me, Compacted, It's quiet
    Cons: Don't Care For The Bag
    Reasonable priced. Just use it now and then. Compact to take with. It works good for me. Quieter than what I had before. I can hear TV at normal level when running neb.

  • 4 stars, Form meets Function
    By RDD from Syracuse, NY on 2013-05-13
    Pros: Comes with case, No Compromise With Size, Size - Ultra Portable, Weight - Travels Easily
    Cons: Lower pressure
    Best Uses: Just As Good As Bigger, Easy to pack, Backup For Young Child
    I bought this because I was tired of lugging the home one around and/or rushing home out of fear of having to make a hospital visit.

  • 5 stars, Terrific
    By DJ from Jonesborough, TN on 2013-05-09
    Pros: Quiet, Convenient
    Previous to the Omron I had rented a nebulizer. It was so noisy and half way through the treatment I had to keep hitting the side to get the fluid back down. The Omron is quiet enough to hear the TV and it works right to almost the last drop. I can just sit and relax through the treatment session. I am so happy that I found this device.

  • 4 stars, Used shorly
    By quilter from Durango, Co on 2013-05-09
    I have only had to use the product for a short time. Thank heavens no attacks since purchasing. Worked well for the test I gave it.

  • 4 stars, Now I'm Pleased
    By Ron the RN from Columbus, GA on 2013-05-02
    Pros: Compact, Quiet, Low Price
    The first couple of times I used this nebulizer I used a tube/cup/mouthpiece set from my older (larger) nebulizer and was disappointed in the flow rate. After I switched to the tube/cup set that came with this nebulizer I am completely pleased. I suggest you use only the tube/cup/mouthpiece set that is furnished with this machine.

  • 4 stars, I would buy this product again
    By Keisha from Houston, Texas on 2013-04-30
    My child uses this product, and it is very good.

  • 5 stars, I would buy this product again.
    By Uncleal from Alpena,Michigan on 2013-04-29
    Pros: Easy to set up and use
    Cons: none at this time
    Best Uses: Helps With Your Breathing
    Great product.

  • 5 stars, Good Product!
    By Sue Z Que from Midwest on 2013-04-25
    While certainly louder than a refrigerator, overall, I am very satisfied with this product. It is far superior to my old nebulizer and the air pressure is as advertised. Treatments that once took 25 minutes, now take 10 - 15 minutes. Very Pleased. Quality product.

  • 5 stars, I would definatfely recommend buying.
    By lifeline from Phoenix, AZ on 2013-04-23
    I took this on a work related trip and it was perfect for light weight packing.

  • 4 stars, Good little unit
    By Gramma Kandy from Spring Branch, TX on 2013-04-21
    Pros: Small
    Cons: A bit noisy
    Best Uses: Home use
    This is just what we wanted: a small, easy to operate unit that works well. We don't need it anywhere but home so the slight noise is not a problem. It is, indeed louder than our refrigerator, though. We use it for our colliodal silver and it "delivers the goods" quite effectively. I use it for general health, but my husband, the asthmatic, finds it helps his breathing.

  • 5 stars, I would recommend
    By Jigar Patel from Edison, NJ on 2013-04-16
    Pros: Little Noise N Works Nice
    I like the unit size and weight compare to the other nebulizers and it works nice too. I like the nozel's locking system which is easier for my parents to operate.

  • 5 stars, This product is worth it's wieght in gol
    By Clair the breather from New Orleans La on 2013-04-15
    I use the product at work.

  • 4 stars, Comp A-I-R NE- C801
    By Marcus from KY. on 2013-04-15
    Best Uses: Shortness of breath, Asthma, Wheezing
    Asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath. Small, quiet, powerful. Does not work on battery.


Questions on Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801

  • From bill thompson
    • Will it run off my cigarett lighter in my car?
    • The Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 was not made for use in a vehicle.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Bryan Peffer
    • I may be traveling to Europe (France, Netherlands and Sweden) next year. We travel light as we take mainly public transportation. will the NE-c801 run on 220 volts . If not what do you suggest. Unit does not have to be battery operated.

    • This item is not compatible with European outlets. I would recommend the PARI TREK S Compact Compressor Combination Pack.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Curtis Weese
    • I am in the Army stationed in Germany. I want to use this for my daughter and was wondering is this item dual voltage 110/220. If it is not can you tell me how many watts it is so I know that I will have a transformer in my house strong enough to handle it.
    • The Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 is not dual voltage and is only compatible with 110V wall outlets.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Emilia
    • Hello,
      I have a question regarding the above mentioned OMRON product. I used to have the old model NE C25, rating 120 VAC and 60 Hz 1.7 A. Is this the compatible model? Does it also have 60 Hz 1.7 A as I am looking for exactly the same Hz amount?
      Thank you kindly.
    • The Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 operates at 50-60 Hz.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From jeana
    • is this battery operated? I am looking to bring it out of the country and don't want the hassels of adapter plugs. Also, if it does run on batteries, are the batteries ones I can purchase at any store???

      Thank you
    • The Omron NE-C801 is not battery operated. The compressor nebulizer is powered by an AC Adapter.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Lisa
    • Will this work with all tubing and masks? I already have a pediatric mask that my daughter loves and I would love to be able to use hers with this machine. It's just regular tubing where the mask hooks directly into the tubing underneath.
    • The Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 is interchangeable in regards to most tubing and masks. The manufacturer recommends the use of Omron accessories with Omron compressor nebulizers.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Tyrel
    • Does this unit come with hoses and masks, or are those bought separately?
    • This unit includes the compressor, reusable nebulizer kit (7 ml capacity), 3' of tubing, mouthpiece, 5 replacement filters, AC adapter, carrying case, and a multi-lingual instruction manual.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From model ne-u03 nebulizer
  • From felicia o.
    • Can any Ormon nebulizer set be used with the Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801?
    • No, the Omron C801 Nebulizer Kit is the only one that is compatible with this system. It can be found at the following link:
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No

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