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Nebulizer FAQ

How do I purchase a nebulizer?

You can choose and pay for your nebulizer directly on our website. Once your order is processed, you will receive an order #. Write that order # on your prescription and fax or email it to us.
The Prescription Fax number is 301-774-7982. To email your prescription, use

Does Just Nebulizers accept insurance for nebulizers?

We do not accept insurance reimbursements directly. If your insurance company reimburses you for durable medical equipment, submitting your sales receipt with a copy of your credit card payment is usually what is necessary. You can check with your own insurer for the specific documentation that is needed.

Are nebulizers covered by Flexible Spending Accounts?

Flexible Spending Accounts allow consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paycheck in employer sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. You can submit your expense receipts to your healthcare administrator for reimbursement.

How do I know if I need a compressor type or an ultrasonic nebulizer?

Check with your physician or pharmacist to learn which type of nebulizer to use for best results with your specific medication. If there is no preference, you can choose based on portability, convenience, treatment times, usability, etc.

I have an old nebulizer but my child refuses to use it. What should I look for in a new system?

Many families find that using a colorful, child friendly nebulizer system greatly increases compliance. Even the playful carrying cases, which keep all components at your fingertips, make “treatment time” more acceptable. More powerful systems allow medicine to be dispersed more quickly and the ultrasonic systems are noiseless. Some systems, such as the Pari models, are equipped with two medication cups so you always have one that is clean and ready to use.

How often do I need to replace masks, hoses, filters, etc?

Each nebulizer system comes with explicit instructions on care and cleaning. Systems last longer and work more efficiently when the maintenance schedules are followed. Most accessories can be ordered directly from our site,