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  1. PARI Wing Tip Tubing

    PARI Wing Tip Tubing



    • Wing-tip tubing designed for PARI nebulizers
    • Works with ALL standard nebulizers
    • Large ends give you leverage to easily twist tubing off
    • The tubing is 6' long
  2. 7' Air Tubing

    7' Air Tubing



    • Replacement tubing for damaged, dirty, or discolored tubing
    • Standard 7' air tubing
    • For use with all standard compressor nebulizer
  3. DeVilbiss Tubing Connector

    DeVilbiss Tubing Connector



    • Tubing Connector for DeVilbiss 5610D models
    • Comes in a pack of 6
  4. Devilbiss Internal Nipple with Barb

    Devilbiss Internal Nipple with Barb



    • Internal nipple with barb used as an air inlet fitting
    • Comes in a pack of 6
  5. PARI Vios Pro Nebulizer Tubing - 6 Feet

    PARI Vios Pro Nebulizer Tubing - 6 Feet



    • Features wing tips to help you grasp the tubing more easily
    • Tubing is thicker and more durable than traditional PARI Wingtip® tubing
    • Preferred tubing to use with the PARI Vios Pro nebulizer compressor
    • Length: 6

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Similar to nebulizer filters and nebulizer kits, it’s important to regularly replace nebulizer tubing to ensure optimum use of your nebulizer machine. If your nebulizer tubing looks discolored in any way, replace it to prevent a possible harmful bacterial contamination. Do not attempt to clean nebulizer tubing, as moisture is often left inside the tubing. Moisture within the nebulizer tubing creates a spot where bacteria can grow and then enter into your lungs upon your next nebulizer treatment. Our most popular nebulizer tubing is the PARI Wing Tip Tubing, which features easy-to-grip ends for simple attachment to your nebulizer machine. Read More

Nebulizer tubing is often included with a new nebulizer set, but it's always good to have an extra set just in case the tubing becomes dirty, damaged or lost.

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