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Many children require a nebulizer machine to help with their respiratory disorder such as asthma. The most popular nebulizer machine for kids is the MABIS NebPak, which features a very stylishly colored ultrasonic nebulizer, and a camouflaged carrying case to hold all your nebulizer supplies. This neb machine has been designed to accompany your child when he/she attends school, making it one of the best portable nebs.Read More

Many parents opt for a home nebulizer machine for their child, one that comes in a kid-friendly design. One such nebulizer for kids is the Medquip Penguin Nebulizer System. This penguin shaped pediatric nebulizer machine is sure to calm a child who's hesitant to receive his nebulizer treatment, making treatment times hassle free for everyone involved.

While not specifically a nebulizer machine for children, the Omron Ne u22 MicroAir nebulizer is great for kids not only because of its super small size, but also because of its very fast treatment times. This portable pediatric neb from Omron can go and operate anywhere you go since it uses 2 AA batteries for power.

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